Auditorium Gazzoli Terni
intero € 16,00
ridotto € 14,00


JAVIER GIROTTO, saxophone and flutes    NATALIO MANGALAVITE, piano and voice
LUCA BULGARELLI, double bass and bass     EMANUELE SMIMMO, drums


Javier Girotto is one of the most sensitive and capable musicians in circulation. His ambient is jazz music as well as music from Argentina, especially tango, for which he’s one of the leading personalities in Europe since the mid-Nineties, when he published the first out of ten albums with Aires Tango (one of the formations of reference for the reinterpretation of tango with jazz elements, formation that has obtained thousands of followers over the years). Javier Girotto is also a musician who easily shifts among classic jazz formations in solo, duo, trio, with ensembles or sextets of wind instruments. Girotto released thirty albums as a leader or co-leader in one of the 15 different projects that he led around Europe. Alrededores de la ausencia has two new features that distinguish it from the rest of the previous productions: this is the first record Javier records in his native land, along with some extraordinary musicians of Cordoba (the town where he was born). Secondly, this is the first record released by the label JG Records, that Girotto owns and that has created a strong sense of independence that each year becomes more pronounced. The album is an absolute and indefeasible act of love towards Girotto’s music, his own cultural roots, and the boundless lands of Argentina. Twelve songs in which the art of this tireless musician reaches a full maturity. From the cover notes of Alrededores de la Ausencia: “It was a long time I wanted to make a record in Cordoba only with Argentine artists. Me and Minghui Ingaramo decided to contact our friends and talented musicians to record an album with them. Living for a long time out of my country and playing with amazing musicians from all over the world, I would say that the experience with these guys was pure emotion and great feelings. The human alchemy, energy and positivity that arose in the studio made me live unique sensations. While recording Alrededores de la Ausencia, I found all I was looking for and, referring to the wonderful theme of Horacio (which is also the title of the album), I decided to dedicate it to all people that are missing, but at the same time around us like guardian angels: the 30,000 desaparecidos from Argentina, our beloved ones. Thank you guys for your feelings and for the strength you transferred to me in this “reunion”; I sincerely hope this is just the beginning of a long and profitable artistic collaboration. Thank you… Javier Girotto Javier

Auditorium Gazzoli Terni
intero € 16,00
ridotto € 14,00

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