Centro Multimediale, Teatro A - Terni
intero € 20,00
ridotto € 17,00


RAFFAELLO TULLO • voice and percussions
RENATO CIARDO • drums    VITTORIO BRUNO • double bass

The great cinema, Hollywood, the land of dreams, the finish line of a lifetime, popularity that makes you immortal, the fashion of the dark theatre and of the big screen. A dream for Rimbamband! Then, let’s start, let the show begin! The ‘boss’ is an intellectual who loves all cinema genres, from Gene Kelly to Toy Story. The drummer is sure he’s a “one man show” (in his own show). The double bass player is in a confusional state.
The sax player is obsessed by polka, tango, mazurka and limbo. And what about the pianist? He’s docile, sweet, shy, but if he wants he can turn into a lion!
Spectators only have to dream with them: Raffaello Tullo, Renato Ciardo, Nicolò Pantaleo, Vittorio Bruno and Francesco Pagliarulo are characters searching for an author and for themselves, with their different personalities and attitudes, joined by their great talent for music. Together, they give birth to “Note da Oscar”, the new, crazy, unscrupulous Rimbamband show, where the whimsical Rimbamband members” deal with cinema and its magic.

These five musicians, in a constant musical disharmony, bring the audience into an unexpected and desecrating travel, in a “road music movie” among the most different cinematographic genres, from western to cartoons, from thriller to comedy, mixing them, blending them and twisting them with an unbiased creativity. They play a perpetual game that, starting from the most popular soundtracks, is enriched by extraordinary virtuosities, quotes and a huge dose of fantasy. It is the big cinema watched through a deforming mirror. It makes you laugh a lot. «In a movie, it is not reality that counts, but what
imagination can do – the great Charlie Chaplin said – so prepare yourselves to enter “Note da Oscar”, a great funfair of imagination: here it is still possible to dream eyes open.



Centro Multimediale, Teatro A - Terni
intero € 20,00
ridotto € 17,00

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