The originality and quality of Visioninmusica’s evening seasons find their concentrated, distilled counterpart in this programme just for schools. A tradition dating back for over twenty years, this series brings some of the headline artists of the “major” events for heartfelt musical encounters with school children. Keynote performers, joined by other specialist professionals, make different musical forms approachable to students from elementary, middle and secondary schools of the province of Terni, in a qualified, accessible and authentic way.

On Friday 18 January, with the usual double morning appointment, the first concert-lesson will star The Winners in “My band plays Rock! But also the blues …”. Citing the title of a big hit by Ivano Fossati, the group aims to explore the history of the musical genre that has revolutionized an era, starting from its blues roots.

The second concert-lesson will be held on Friday 1 February when Serena Brancale and her loop station take the stage for a programme entitled “Walt Disney in loop”: a succession of musical hits from Disney animation classics to the best known songs of recent years. A repertoire from which kids can draw freely, created by a single interpreter, through her splendid voice and the exclusive help of electronic instrumentation.

Friday 1 March will bring Massimo Morganti and his quartet with “Sing your song – how a song begins”. A lesson on musical composition and song writing: inspiration, techniques and artifice behind the creation of a musical success. The active participation of the students will be essential in providing the group with the melodic, rhythmic or harmonic stimuli of departure to create a piece.

The Visioninmusica Scuola 2019 season will close on  Friday 15 March, when Fabrizio Longaroni and his band will bring their highly successful 2018 project: “We look for colours… we find music”. An entertaining multidisciplinary (cinema/music) and multisensory (sound/colours) teaching experience, discovering the emotions evoked by screen images and songs.


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